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Countries whith have accepted the "Stone for Peace"
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The Stone for Peace has been accepted by more than 100 countries around the world as a messenger appealing for world peace. The Stones are on display at museums or parks where they can easily catch people’s attention.
Middle East Oman, Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
Syrian, Qatar, UAE

■Area      83,600 km2
■Population  4,104,695 (2005 census)
■Capital    Abu Dhabi
■Ethnic groups Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Jordanian, Iranian, Filipino, other Arab; (15-20% of residents are U.A.E. citizens)

UAE The ceremony was held at the Natural History Museum in the Emirate of Sharjah that is considered to be the center of culture in the UAE. They built a mounting in the shape of a traditional UAE house where the Stone for Peace was placed. Sheikh Dr. Sultan III ibn Muhammad al-Qasimi, diplomatic corps and government officials participated in the ceremony.
The Americas
Middle East