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To the World
The Stone for Peace has been sent as a witness of the tragedy and a messenger of the preciousness of peace to heads of state all over the world thanks to the warm and positive cooperation of diplomatic corps in Japan.
How the Stone for Peace Reaches to the World
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2.Preparation for Presentation Ceremony
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Messages from the heads of state or their representatives
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President of Alberto Fujimori


Mr. Alran Bengson, Secretary of the President of Health@

  Lucid personalities, philosophers,scientists, poets, from every country upon the earth, have constantly arisen their voices, pointing out that Hiroshima is to be understood as well as a lesson and they have claimed to the governments of the world powers, to achieve agreements on nuclear disarmament.   Let this Stone for Peace, which has witnessed the supreme brutalisies of war therefore remind us that aggression exacts a stiff price in our lives if not life itself.
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MAJ.GEN, KHIN NYONT, Foreign Minister


President of Zhelyu

  To-day is an auspicious day for the Union of Myanmar. It is indeed an important day in the history of our nation. For to-day, we received the Stone for Peace of Hiroshima which the people from that city has so graciously sent to us. For this warm and friendly gesture, we the children and the people of Myanmar would like to express profound thanks to the people of Hiroshima.   I am happy that the Republic of Bulgaria is one of the 30 states being offered such a kind consideration and I would like to emphasize here that we accept this gift at the initiative of the citizens of Hiroshima as a symbol of peace and an expression of sincere friendship between our two peoples.
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Felix Mbayu, Charge d'Affairs ad interim


President of Alemán

  THIS MEMENTO, CARVED FROM PAVEMENTS DAMAGED DURING THE ATOMIC BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA, EVEN IN ALL ITS BEAUTY, IS A PAINFUL REMINDER OF THE DANGERS OF LETTING THE MEANEST INSTINCTS OF THE HUMAN BEING GO UNFETTERED.   Nuestros queridos amigos japoneses nos han invitado a acompañarlos en esta iniciativa por la paz, ya que Hiroshima no enmudece, sus hijos estoicos como esta piedra que hoy colocamos, se levantan con la esperanza de un mundo fraterno y sin guerras, teniéndola más bien como símbolo de paz en cada monumento que se erige alrededor del mundo.
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Moreira, Chief of Protocol of the Government


Montaner, Acting Commander in Chief

  Dentro desta perspectiva, informamos com satistafação que conseguimos, através de decisão do Conselho Superior Fundação, a disponibilização de área com cerca de 500 mt2 aonde preterdemos construir um pavilhão cujo objetivo especifico seria de manter em exposição a PEDRA DA PAZ bem como, promover eventos – cursos, semináries, exposições, etcc - que tivessem como centro básico de atençáo, a simbologia que a PEDRA traz consigo.
  Les doy la más calurosa bienvenida a esta solemne ceremonia que de algún modo, personifica el sentimientode los cubanos por los dramáticosacontecimientos de Hiroshima y Nagasaki y los cientos de miles de víctimas – de aquel holocausto. Quiero dejar constancia, que me siento muyhonrado por la designación del Comandante en Jefe, para que lo representeen este acto y por el hecho mismode develar esta piedra que esun símbolo de la paz y amistadentre los hombres y los pueblos.
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President of Batlle

Cote d'lvoire

President of Laurent Gbagbo

  Que la iniciativa de donarestos bloques a los Presidentes de las Repúblicas de las diferentes Naciones del mundo pertenece al señor Reikiyo Umemoto con el propósito de instarlos a renunclar para siempre al recurso de la guerra como medio de resalver diferendos;   As I consider this stone, I think of he who decided to make out of it a token of life and peace, I mean MR UMEMOTO and his country as well. They are role models for Côte d'Ivoire and its youth.
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President Of Urusemal


President of Mwai

  Today, the Federated States of Micronesia joins you in reiterating to the world your Associationfs important message of grenouncing all wars through efforts of overcoming differences among nations in race, religion, language and cultureh. This message in our view is a more effective weapon than any weapon of mass destruction.   On behalf of my fellow Kenyans, I accept this symbol of peace that will act as an aspiration to us and future generations to continue to promote peaceful co-existence and to engender the spirit of dialogue in resolving conflicts whenever they arise.
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