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To the World
The Stone for Peace has been sent as a witness of the tragedy and a messenger of the preciousness of peace to heads of state all over the world thanks to the warm and positive cooperation of diplomatic corps in Japan.
How the Stone for Peace Reaches to the World
1.Approach to Countries
2.Preparation for Presentation Ceremony
  3.Presentation Ceremony  
To the people through the media

Local media have a great interest in our activity and carry the live coverage of a donation ceremony including interviews and the information they gathered. Not only was the news reported on the TV but also the ceremonies attended by the heads of state made headlines on the front page of local newspapers on many occasions. The media coverage has aroused lots of attention of the local people.

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  Peru New Zealand
Myanmar Oman Uganda
Viet Nam Nepal Nepal
Morocco Slovak Burkina Faso
Nicaragua UAE Cote d'lvoire
Zambia Zambia Angola
Iceland Tunisia Tanzania
Kyrgyz Kyrgyz Kyrgyz
Latvia Latvia Lithuania
Albania Albania Albania